NJ Physician Involved in Drug Ring

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NJ Physician Involved in Drug Ring

A month-long drug ring investigation ended last week with six arrests, including a physician. The Middletown Township Police Department and investigators from the state Division of Consumer Affairs and the Office of the Attorney General led the investigation.

A Middletown, NJ physician was the alleged leader of the ring and has been charged with six counts of third degree conspiracy, six counts of third degree forgery and Unlawful Practice of Medicine.

Investigators started their investigation after a tip from a pharmacy about fraudulent prescriptions from people trying to obtain Oxycodone. The Middletown physician had been using another physician’s prescription blanks without knowledge or permission. He then sold the prescription blanks to patients for hundreds of dollars in cash.

This is not the first time a physician has been involved in drug dealing. They have many ways to access medications and sometimes use that power in an unlawful way. Thanks to the pharmacy that tipped off investigators, this drug dealing physician can no longer put more drugs into the hands of addicts.