Does Education Affect Drug Use?

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Does Education Affect Drug Use?

Does graduating high school, going to college, or abstaining from further education affect your risk of becoming addicted to a certain drug? Studies show that this could be the case. Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health compared the use of drugs among high school graduates, high school dropouts, and college graduates.

The data showed that those who do not attend college are more likely to abuse non-prescription opioids, while college graduates are more likely to abuse stimulant medications. The study also showed that opioids are widely abused among the whole young adult population, and women were more likely to have an emotional attachment to using drugs than men.

The study  not only showed the differences of drug usage among all these adults, but also solidified the fact that there needs to be preventative measures against drug use to everyone. Each group, whether they graduated high school, college, or neither, all admitted to using illegally obtained drugs. Everyone needs education about prevention in order to learn the dangers of addiction and possibly avoid it.