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Seabrook Alumni Services staff are dedicated to staying connected with alumni and to provide support services for their first year in recovery and beyond, as well as providing opportunities for alumni to give back to others who are just beginning their recovery journey. As recovering individuals and families in recovery, we are committed to carrying out Seabrook’s vision “To make recovery possible for every family who needs it” by providing a caring support system for alumni as they transition to life after Seabrook.

Contact Information
Phone: (888) 223-0298

Meet Tiffany Pienkowski, Seabrook’s Alumni Coordinator! Tiffany has been with Seabrook since 2019 and has a heart for every patient that walks in our doors. Being personally affected by a loved one’s addiction has made her want to help others struggling. You can catch Tiffany in groups as a patient and then at our monthly events as an alumnus! Our alumni program is a community that is better together, and Seabrook strives to have our community be one that feels more like family. If you are a Seabrook alumni that needs to get reconnected, you can reach Tiffany at 609-774-2450.