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What to Bring

1 Patients should pack 7 days of comfortable, casual clothing. Dress clothes optional for Saturday night dinners. Your clothing should reflect a healthy attitude toward recovery. Laundry facilities and supplies are available.

2 Work out clothing for exercise in our fitness center.

3 Health Insurance I.D. card.

4 Driver’s license for identification.

5 Prescription card for medications.

6 Any prescriptions you are presently taking in properly labeled bottle: NO CAPSULES ARE PERMITTED. You may be responsible to self pay for a new prescription.

We require that a credit card be kept on file with pharmacy to cover non-detox related prescriptions and co-pays.

7 Cash (no more than $100) for items in patient store. Each patient has a small safe in their room for valuables.

8 All toiletries i.e., toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant. No alcohol or aerosol of any kind.

9 Small clock radio for nightstand (no CD players, no tape players, iPods or headphones).

10 Slippers and/or flip-flops and bathrobes and shower shoes for shower purposes.

11 Belts.

12 Umbrella, jacket or sweater since our campus is large and consists of many buildings.

13 Washcloth if desired – all towels and linens will be provided.

14 Clothing that fits properly and appropriately and does not have drug or alcohol messages.

15 Backpack, book bag/canvas carry all.

16 Please try to limit belongings to one bag or suit case.

17 Sneakers or good walking shoes.

18 12 Step reading materials only.

19 Unopened cigarettes. No cigarettes are sold or provided by Seabrook. Vaping products are not allowed.

20 Hair clippers. The clippers will be held at the nurses’ station and will only be able to be used by the patient bringing them.

21 Seabrook recommends that all patients bring their cell phones with them upon admission. Though patients will not have access to these phones during inpatient treatment the cell phone can be an asset for discharge planning and to help patient obtain contact information of their loved ones.

What Not to Bring

1 Patients should not bring sexually provocative clothing, ripped or torn clothing, clothing with drug or alcohol references, low cut blouses, spandex/tight fitting clothing, cut off pants or shirts, muscle shirts or tank tops, halter or bare midriff tops. No hats, sweatbands, bandanas or dark glasses are to be worn indoors.

2No products containing alcohol like mouthwash, perfume, cologne or body splash due to high alcohol content.

3 No aerosol products of any kind i.e., hair spray, deodorant, etc.

4 No food, candy/gum, or beverages of any kind.

5 No towels, linens, blankets, pillow or stuffed animals.

6 No headphones, headsets, CD players, MP3 players, digital music players, Walkman, laptop computers, beepers, televisions, computer equipment of any kind.

7 No hair dyes.

8 No weapons of any kind including firearms, knives, scissors and sharp instruments.

9 No expensive jewelry.

10 No reading material of any kind unless 12-Step oriented.

11 No loose tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, or vaping products.

12 No pets of any kind.

13 No pens for writing – we will supply them to you.

PHONE CALLS – All patients are permitted to make phone calls out on specified days and times. However, there are no incoming calls allowed due to Federal confidentiality laws. Patients may receive postal mail by sending to the address listed below.

F.Y.I. – Anything you may forget can most likely be purchased at our store located on-grounds.

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