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Rehab for the Body, Soul and Spirit

At Seabrook, we offer our clients conventional and unconventional addiction treatment to ensure lasting recovery that heals the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social impact of substance abuse.

We recognize addiction is a chronic disease, and we believe faith and spirituality are at the heart of recovery. We provide spiritual healing for our patients of all faiths, in addition to those who are atheists or agnostics.

What Does This Program Include?

Weekly Spirituality Lectures:

These presentations will help our clients along their spiritual journey. One of our most popular lectures is called “The Great Exchange,” based on the AA Big Book, on the promises and rewards of working the 12 Steps of AA with a sponsor and living a spiritual life.

Weekly Spiritual Behavior Group:

This group discusses nine spiritual characteristics (love, joy, peace, faith, humility, patience, gentleness and goodness). The AA Big Book teaches us the daily practice of these characteristics and others will help us experience and accept the presence of a higher power in our lives.

Weekly Christian Recovery Group:

This group is open to all Seabrook clients, regardless of their faith. We are using the Life Recovery Bible NLT, published by Tyndale and edited by Stephen Arterburn& David Stoop, and the Life Recovery Workbook, “A Biblical Guide through the 12 Steps.”
Seabrook also offers:

  • Individual spirituality counseling
  • Pastoral counseling
  • Regularly scheduled non-denominational services (including Holy Communion)
  • A Catholic priest to hear confessions
  • Sunday worship at local churches (for our residential clients)
What Makes AA So Effective?

As the first 12-Step rehabilitation program, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was originally based on Christian principles, and over the years, it has been a help to many people in overcoming their addictions. Since its creation in the 1930s, AA has spread around the world, helping people find comfort and fellowship in the pursuit of sobriety based partly in finding the support of a higher power. The power of the 12 Steps is evident in the millions of people it has helped and continues to help every day. The 12-Step journey is more than a program; it’s a life-changing social movement. Numerous studies have proven its benefits in long-term recovery, decreasing patient rates of relapse, improving overall health and boosting social interaction.

Meet Our Spiritual Care Director

Seabrook clients who select the Christian track will be under the care of Rev. Paul Asciutto, Jr., who has devoted his life to helping individuals and families develop healthy ways to deal with the stressors in life for more than 40 years. He brings to the table his spiritual wisdom as a pastor and teacher for 20 years and his knowledge in the addiction field for the last 20 years.

Rev. Asciutto was ordained to the Gospel Ministry at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas in 1981, and graduated from the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies with a B.A. He has a B.S. from the City University of NY, and earned his master’s in social work from Stony Brook University in 1994. He has been a licensed social worker since 1994, and a licensed clinical social worker since 2011. In 2013, he received certification as a clinical social work supervisor. He received Caron’s Greater Philadelphia Community Service Award for Spirituality in 2016.

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Rev. Asciutto believes God called him to Seabrook, where he has served as our family services coordinator for more than five years. In that time, he has taught and inspired more than 2,000 families to develop and implement the new coping skills they need in their journey of healing from the disease of addiction. Rev. Asciutto has helped develop our Christian recovery program, which he also oversees as our spiritual care director.text-center

Finding the Help You Need

Seabrook is a healing haven for individuals and their families seekingholistic addiction treatment in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. When you come here, you’ll find a caring staff dedicated to helping you break free of the burdens of addiction using AA’s and NA’s 12-Step recovery principles.

To learn more about Seabrook’s rehab programs, call (888) 223-0298 to speak with one of our admissions specialists, or connect with us online.