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Press Releases

(1-7-2021) Summit BHC Expands into New Jersey With Acquisition of Seabrook

(7-23-2018) Seabrook® selected as one of first Addiction Providers certified to advertise on Google

(5-8-2018) Seabrook® Expands Detox Program

(10-11-2017) Seabrook House Is Now Seabrook

(11-28-2016) Seabrook Co-Founder Dies

(6-20-2016) Seabrook Appoints Director of Healthcare Collaboratives

(6-3-2016) Seabrook partners with DEA on Project Hope

(4-27-2016) Seabrook begins Naloxone Initiative

(3-30-2016) NJAMHAA Honorees

(12-22-2015) Sale of Seabrook West

(8-31-2015) 19th Annual Golf Classic

(8-10-2015) Morristown IOP Opening

(3-4-2015) Sober St. Patrick’s Day 2015

(2-19-2015) Health Insurance companies say no to allowing addiction treatment professionals to manage care in NJ

(11-7-2014) Dr.Morgan Appointed to Board of Directors

(7-1-2014) Seabrook Celebrates 40th Anniversary

(3-10-2014) Seabrook Sponsors Sober St. Patricks day

(1-5-2014) Seabrook Hosts Screening of Anonymous People

(11-19-2013) Seabrook Utilizes Evidence-Based Toolkits to Prevent Relapse

(10-7-2013) Seabrook Announces Two New Additions to the Team

(9-21-2013) Seabrook Proudly Sponsors Recovery Walk

(6-11-2013) Seabrook Attends Parity Hearing

(6-7-2013) Seabrook Joins Patrick Kennedy’s Fight for Parity (media advisory)

(5-26-2013) Seabrook Sponsors Local Screening of Addiction Film

(4-30-2013) Seabrook Announces New Medical Director

(4-17-2013) CARN Review Offered At Seabrook

(3-12-2013) Seabrook Boosts Its Technology

(3-05-2013) Seabrook Undergoes Big Changes