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Meet our Addiction Recovery Specialists, here to assist you. If you are a professional, family member or friend of someone needing help for substance abuse, please feel free to call any of our representatives for help and guidance.


Sean Kolins

Sean Kolins, MBA, Addiction Recovery Specialist Southern New Jersey Region

Sean Kolins, MBA, is an Addiction Recovery Specialist for Seabrook in the Southern and Central New Jersey Regions. Sean earned an MBA from Utica College and an Economics degree from Rutgers University. Sean is a certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS), a Certified Fraud Investigator and is a member of the ACFE. Sean’s successful career experiences, enhanced sales and marketing strengths, corporate business development success, and professionalism have enriched the premier Seabrook program. Sean is certified in The Foundations of SBIRT, a course approved by NAADAC, NBCC, and NASW. Please contact Sean at 609-501-8996 or [email protected] if you would like to schedule a business meeting with Sean or for a tour of Seabrook.

Caitlin MacAllister, Addiction Recovery Specialist,

Caitlin MacAllister

Caitlin MacAllister, Addiction Recovery Specialist

Caitlin is an Addiction Recovery Specialist for Seabrook in our local Cumberland County area. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rowan University and is currently working on a master of business administration from Wilmington University. Caitlin spent the past five years as a Senior Care Manager at Seabrook where she was responsible for new employee training and orientation; developing individualized aftercare plans for clients; and providing referrals for inpatient programs, outpatient programs and private counseling. Please contact Caitlin at 302-772-2111 or [email protected] if you would like to schedule a business meeting or tour Seabrook.

Deanna Howard

Deanna Howard

Deanna Howard, Clinical Outreach Coordinator for Philadelphia and Pennsylvania

Deanna Howard is our Philadelphia Community Outreach Coordinator here at Seabrook. With four years in the behavioral health field, she brings a wealth of expertise and passion from her own personal experience to families and clients alike.

Deanna is committed to helping others rebuild their lives, turning adversity into opportunity. Finding recovery in 2019 herself, she believes in the power of education, empowerment, and creating a strong support network for both the person in recovery, and their loved ones. As a mother, she recognizes the pivotal role that family plays in the recovery process, and the strength it takes to make the decision to begin the treatment process.

In her free time, Deanna enjoys sports, her local recovery community, cooking, and spending quality time with her son.

To speak with Deanna directly, or to learn more about Seabrook, please contact 856-725-6465, or email at [email protected]

John Bates, III

John W. Bates III

John W. Bates III, Clinical Outreach Coordinator Central and Northern New Jersey Region

John W. Bates III is the Community Outreach Coordinator for Northern and Central NJ at Seabrook. A proud graduate of SUNY Albany, he was inspired to pursue a career in Behavioral Health Marketing after seeing the struggle many people have navigating and connecting to treatment services. Prior to working in Outreach, he was the Director of Career Transitions for Job Corps where he was responsible for linking students with employment opportunities and services to further their career ambitions. In his free time John can be found spending time with his wife and family, as well as hiking in the Adirondacks as he works to complete the Adirondack 46 High Peaks challenge.

If you would like to schedule a business meeting or tour please contact John at  [email protected] or (518)779-1511