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Seabrook Drug Rehab & Detox Admissions

Studies conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) are clear: Treatment works. If you or someone you love has an alcohol or drug problem, Seabrook® offers life-saving hope. Affirming men and women in love, we provide the tools and directions for a healthier way of living. Trust us with your future when everything seems hopeless. We are available 24 hours a day, whenever you need us most. Call (888) 223-0298 to speak with a team member immediately.

Our Admissions Process

Seabrook detox and rehab programs accept clients for admission 24 hours per day. If you are undecided about entering rehab, consider this: Seabrook is the heart of recovery, helping you secure freedom from the ravages of drug and alcohol misuse. Each compassionate, skilled member of our NJ addiction treatment team will journey with you through the evidence-based, life-giving Seabrook Model® of treatment. Incorporating community, continuity and structure, the Seabrook Model represents our prescription for an ideal care plan.

If someone you care deeply for is burdened by the chains of alcohol and drugs but will not admit their need for help, it’s never too late. When you contact our Admissions Department to inquire about family intervention services, we’ll walk you through your program options and discuss the intervention and detox processes in detail.

Admissions Transfer Process

Clients can be admitted to one of Seabrook’s programs through a direct transfer from local community hospitals and healthcare facilities. Private physicians and therapists can also refer clients. To discuss the transfer process, call (888) 223-0298 to speak with our Intake Department, available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10 pm EST, and 9 am to 9 pm EST Saturdays and Sundays.
Pre-admission assessments can be completed online or by dialing (888) 223-0298. Serving NJ and regions throughout the United States, our Outreach Representatives are also available to answer questions during business hours.

Program Cost & Insurance Coverage

Please review the cost of treatment and information regarding health insurance coverage. Although many insurance companies recognize Seabrook, our full continuum may not be 100% covered by insurance. Financial arrangements must be made prior to admission. Any portion not covered by insurance is payable upon entry to our NJ addiction treatment facilities.

Learn more:(888) 223-0298.

Learn to Love Yourself Again

Offering exceptional addiction treatment through healing of the mind, body and spirit, Seabrook is indeed the “heart of recovery.” Welcoming clients with love and journeying with them through our full continuum of care, we teach men and women to embrace a thriving way of life grounded in AA’s and NA’s 12-Step recovery principles. Seabrook is backed by over four decades of treatment expertise and a multi-disciplined medical team, and we’ve created an inspired environment that is a labor of love.

With over four decades of experience restoring our clients’ lives and futures, we start where you are—but we never leave you there. Begin your journey to peace and freedom now: Reach an Admissions team member by dialing (888) 223-0298 or connecting confidentially online.

Seabrook Insurance Acceptance

Many insurance plans cover the cost of Seabrook’s outpatient rehab services. Although Seabrook accepts benefits from most major insurers, it is essential to verify coverage before admission. Your Seabrook admissions counselor partners with you to determine coverage and benefits from companies like these: