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The Wellness Program at Seabrook offers a wide range of modalities to help clients achieve a sense of peace and happiness.

DR. ADRIANE DOURTE - wellness program at Seabrook -

Dr. Adriane Dourte


Dr. Adriane is an acupuncturist with a master’s and doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as a bachelor’s in science. She has worked at Seabrook for five years and in the Chinese Medicine field for 14 years and is nationally certified in acupuncture (licensed in Pa., N.J., and Delaware) and is certified by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.

Dr. Adriane’s wellness offerings at Seabrook include:

  • Acupuncture detoxification once a week for all clients (acudetox is a five-point protocol on the ear that treats PTSD and all stages of addiction.)
  • Chronic pain group with TENS units, cupping, as well as individualized acupuncture multiple times a week throughout stay.
  • Topicals for pain and anxiety daily (herbal patches, magnets, medicated oils, essential oils, kinesio tape, acupressure rings, teas, and ear seeds).
  • Education on how to naturally take care of the body and mind in conjunction with Western medication and information for how to access all services and products outside of Seabrook.
  • Amethyst BioMat: a medical device that uses a combination of amethyst stones and fabrics to generate far infrared rays that are then transferred to the body as heat. Far infrared rays warm the body on the inside, increasing blood circulation and lymph flow.
  • Hydro Massage Bed: a convenient, dry, full-body massage with the use of pressurized water.
  • Light Box: produces light that simulates the sunlight that’s missing during the darker winter months. May improve Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression by encouraging the brain to reduce the production of melatonin (a hormone that makes you sleepy) and increase the production of serotonin (a hormone that affects your mood).
  • Zero gravity chair: a recliner that tips you back until your head is slightly below your feet so that there is zero gravity putting pressure on the body. It mostly treats back pain but also reduces body tension.
Amy Massaglia



Amy has been practicing Massage Therapy for 15 years and has a BA in Health and Exercise Science.  She has worked at Seabrook for four years and teaches groups in art therapy, yoga, fitness, and nutrition. Amy is also certified in Yoga4Sobriety and is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Certified Yoga instructor, and ISSA Certified Nutritionist.

Wellness offerings at Seabrook include:

  • Massage Therapy: Amy offers both relaxation as well as pain management through her massage practice here at Seabrook
  • Yoga: This practice helps patients explore gentle breathing techniques, meditation, and gentle stretching to help with flexibility, anxiety, chronic pain, and circulation. Yoga is offered in both group and private sessions.
  • Personal Training: Private sessions are offered to patients to focus on individual fitness goals.
  • Nutrition Consultations: Basic nutrition consultations are offered to patients, and include making better food choices, keeping a food log, and making SMART goals.
  • Art: Art groups are offered to patients. Art forms can include making worry stones, painting with positive affirmations, and creating vision boards.
KYLE LETIZIA, B.S. EXERCISE/SPORTS SCIENCE - wellness program at Seabrook -

Kyle Letizia


Kyle is a certified personal trainer, a CPR/First Aid instructor, a certified crisis prevention and intervention instructor, and an assistant wellness coordinator who has been with Seabrook for seven years. Kyle earned a BS in sports science.

Kyle’s wellness offerings at Seabrook include:

  • Group exercise classes in fitness center (cardio and weight room).
  • Personal training services and nutritional consults for clients.
  • Supervised independent workout time at Seabrook’s fitness center and at our large outdoor recreation area that includes a basketball court, beach volleyball court, horseshoes, track, softball, and ropes course.
  • Ropes course, which gives Seabrook clients the opportunity to experience challenging situations and rely on group support and thinking. While physically challenging, the ropes course encourages clients to adopt a new way of thinking and problem solving. The course at Seabrook offers three separate elements that can be completed by using the team approach. Participants are encouraged to face their fears and rely on teamwork for both physical and mental support throughout the activity.