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How to Obtain Your Medical Records

To get a copy of your medical records, you must complete an authorization form. Download and print the release form below. If you are unable to download it, we would be happy to fax or mail a copy to you.

Complete an Authorization Form

The authorization form must be signed by the patient or legally authorized representative. Signatures other than the patient’s must have documentation of authority to sign.

Submit the completed authorization to the following address, fax number, or email address.

  • Seabrook Inc.
  • 133 Polk Lane
  • P.O. Box 5055
  • Seabrook, NJ 08302
  • Attention: Medical Records Department
  • Fax: 856-455-5333
  • [email protected]

How Long Will it Take?

Please allow 10 to 30 business days for processing. If you have any other questions, or need further information, please feel free to contact our medical records department.