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What are recent Seabrook alumni saying about the
treatment program and their experience?

Seabrook employs highly credentialed professionals in the addiction field, whose specialties encompass every area of medical, clinical, psychological and spiritual treatment of the disease of addiction.

K. W., Quarryville, Pennsylvania

“I came a long way in my 28 days. I have learned so much about the disease of alcoholism.” 


”I never thought I would get off opiates ever but Seabrook made getting off easy.”

K. S., Manahawkin, New Jersey

“I realized that I wasn’t alone, I thought that I was unique but I wasn’t.”

M. W., Media, Pennsylvania

“It opened my eyes to the importance of the 12 Step program. I know now that I cannot do this alone.” 

J. T., Wilmington, Delaware

“It was an eye opening experience and it saved my life.”


“It helped ease the detox from opiates.” 

J. B., New York, New York

“The support from the other women in the program and the staff taught me that I am not alone.” 

A. P., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

“It’s the first place I wanted to leave against medical advice (AMA) bu didn’t. They didn’t just change my life, they saved it.”

C. O., New York, New York

“Seabrook provides a healthy atmosphere by which I was able to start my recovery, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.”

G. J., Princeton, New Jersey

“Seabrook has changed my life by helping me to remember that I do have value as a father, friend and a person.”

M. S. Media, Pennsylvania

“Seabrook didn’t just change my life – it gave me a life.”

S. B. Hackensack, New Jersey

“It was an amazing eye opening experience.”

T. M. Staten Island, New York

“I feel better than I have in years.”

L. R. Devon, Pennsylvania

“Helped me to have a safe place to live sober and recover. Taught me to open up with others, trust others and share feelings.”

K. C. Denver, Colorado

“New outlook on life and how to handle things in life. How to eliminate things that are triggers.”


“Seabrook has given me the tools to help in my recovery. If I knew it would have been like this, I would have come sooner.”

E. H. Edison, New Jersey.

“This was my first rehab. I should have done this many years ago. It was a life saving experience.”

S. S., West Chester, Pennsylvania

“Helped men realize that I have a deadly disease that is incurable and without meetings on a daily basis the disease will reoccur.”

M. H., West Deptford, New Jersey

“Gave me the tools to continue recovery after discharge and prevent relapse.”

S. G. Hawthorne, New Jersey

“Helped me to restore structure in my life. It has given me an experience for which I will always be grateful…”

S. B. Pedricktown, New Jersey

“I came here to get sober but was given so much more. The dark walls fortified by my addiction have begun to crumble, letting the light of my true self shine.” 

J. C. Manasquan, New Jersey

“It has saved my life. It has allowed me to experience so many new options, coping skills to deal with physical pain as well as emotional pain.”

A. P., Magnolia, New Jersey

“I never thought I would feel so comfortable and at ease in a rehab facility. The knowledge I’ve gained from my 35-day stay will stay with me in my recovery, not only for today but years to come.”

Z. B. Astronia, New York

“I have managed to grow into a more independent, mindful and spiritual person thanks to my experience.” 

P. O. Rhode Island, New York

“I have learned more about myself in 30 days then in the past 30 years.

K. H. Hockessin, Delaware

“It has changed my life with its very strong support system, sharing in group therapy and the genuine concern from Seabrook professionals.” 

V. K., Oxford, Ohio

“Helped me face my fear, understand I must change my behaviors & on correcting myself…”

D. T., Stanford, Connecticut

“Gave me the time to find myself, I’ve gained strength and learned from staff how to use my tools for recovery…”

J. A., Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

“Seabrook has given me a community of friends with similar problems. I feel better about myself and I have sobriety for the first time in a year…”

B. W., Shamong, New Jersey

“Seabrook has instilled hope back in my life. Leaving here I feel like a real person who is worth all the blessings recovery has to offer.”

M. D., Woodstown, New Jersey

“Seabrook was a beacon of light in the dark night of my soul. Through the care of the staff and community, my sobriety & spirituality has been restored.”

D. S. , Westmont, New Jersey

“I learned I can go on and enjoy my life without drugs and alcohol.”

D. S. , Westmont, New Jersey

“After 19 years of denial, I was able to find myself 

D. M., Warrington, Pennsylvania

“Helped me learn how to deal with my addiction.”

C. B., Lebanon, New Jersey

“Entire staff was so competent and friendly.”

L. P., Queens, New York

“I came in to deal with my cocaine addiction but Seabrook helped me to see other things that needed to be worked on . .

R. G., Lindenwold, New Jersey

“Seabrook has given me a second chance at life. I am back living in reality again & realize I am not a bad person but have an addiction a disease & when I’m clean I’m the person I was born to be.”

A. P., Dover, New Jersey

“Seabrook has made me realize that it’s not about the material things you have, it’s about living a full & fun life with what you have. And all good things will follow.

W. H., Shelby, North Carolina

“Has made me a better man.

D. P., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

“Made me realize I had a disease & how to cope with it.”

T. F., Tampa, Florida

“Totally changed my way of thinking. I found God. I found a new way of life.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

E. H., Philadelphia,

“It helped me understand & respect my addiction. I learned how to go about staying clean. . . . . . . . ”

E. K., Freeland, Maryland

“Gave me hope once again that I can stay clean & helped me to appreciate myself.”

A. K. Baldwinsville, New York

“Seabrook helped detox me & got me a month of sobriety. They also provided me with the tools to remain sober. They introduced me to other people in similar situations to me & that has allowed me to create lasting friendships & an amazing support group.

R. A., Bronx, New York

“I have learned how to appreciate the people around me, learned the importance of a family & I got my first glimpse of happiness in the long journey of my recovery.

K. S., Woodbridge, New Jersey

“The education that I received about my disease was far superior than any other facility I had entered.”

R. K., New York City, New York

“The overall caring & compassionate way Seabrook restores self respect. It is worth the 28 days. As well as my life. I’m worth it.”

A. M., Washington, D.C.

“I feel positively about myself.”

L. S., Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

“It has given me back my desire to live sober . Thank You.”

R. C. Columbus, New Jersey

“I entered this program broken down, broken hearted & empty, this program gave me the tools to fix my life from the inside out”

K. G., Ardmore, Pennsylvania

“The staff, patient care associates, nursing & therapists were incredible. I also found the massage & yoga & meditation very helpful.”

R. M,. Milton, Delaware

“Seabrook gave me the skills to understand my disease & courage to fight it.”

L. D., Delray Beach, Florida

“I feel ready to go back to recovery.”

L. W., Doylestown, Pennsylvania

“Seabrook has given me a new perspective. I now understand that alcoholism is a disease & that I can help myself. The support here is totally amazing. Thank You”

P. S., New Hope, Pennsylvania

“By being here, I really learned to love myself and I deserve more”

M. S., Horsham, Pennsylvania

“It has opened my eyes and mind to a better way of life” 

A. S., Morris Plains, New Jersey

“The clinical staff provided extensive therapy to get to the root of deeper issues. I can now work on those issues & use the tools I’ve learned to stay sober.”

A. A., , Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

“Seabrook was able to help me get through the withdrawal process & give me detailed knowledge about my disease”

K. K., Sewell, New Jersey

“Seabrook has not only changed me spiritually and physically but truly saved my life. Thank you Staff & Drs”

Teresa Salvatore

“The entire program was great. I would say the Family Sessions impacted me the most. It gave my wife an entirely new perspective on the disease.” 

R. S., LEHT, New Jersey

“From the day I was welcomed to the day I departed. I was treated with compassion, respect, and understanding by the staff & community. I never felt judged for my past actions.”

C. P., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“I was petrified to make the call to Seabrook and after I did, I felt relief. I hit bottom and this place saved my life.”

S. G., Swedesboro, New Jersey

“I’ve not had a drink for 26 days, the longest period since age 18. I now understand I suffer from a disease, not lack of character.”


“Wonderful, I’ve never been sober and clean in 30 years, have met several sober friends. Seabrook has been a wonderful safe place to begin your new life with hope.” 

B. M., Boston, Massachusetts

“I feel healthy and ready to start my life over.”

M., Brooklyn, New York

“It provided a place and setting for me to find clarity and focus on becoming well.”

S. B., Bristol, Rhode Island

“It has opened my heart to a new spirituality.”

O. B., Floral Park, New York

“I’ve learned to take care of myself – not stop being generous to others but know that I am first.”

W. B., Jamison, Pennsylvania

“Before coming to Seabrook, I was lost. I had low self-esteem & no direction in life. Through Seabrook, I have higher self-esteem & have a sense of hope & direction in life. I’m a new man because of Seabrook.”

T. W., Charlestown, West Virginia

“The structure here made me focus on my addiction. The people and staff were awesome. My life has changed in many ways. Mainly is the way I look at things now in a different light.”

J. R., Hillsborough, New Jersey

“Seabrook was the most important place I’ve been to in 6 years. I got more input on my addiction than ever before plus aftercare.”

D. C., Merchantville, New Jersey

“I am so very thankful to all of the staff, they have given me ways to recover, understand and accept the disease of alcoholism. I have been renewed spiritually and physically.”

L. G., York, Pennsylvania

“My life has become more manageable and clean.”

K. R., New Castle, Delaware

“Seabrook is a wonderful place for recovery. I am leaving here with new tools and a new outlook on my recovery.” 

G. H., Allentown, Pennsylvania

“I’ve found a new way of dealing with migraines without medicine, by therapy, meetings and staff encouraging me.”

G. E., Ocean City, New Jersey

“Extraordinary therapy, good doctors & a caring community turned me completely around.”

J. F., Wilmington, Delaware

“Brought me closer to God.”

S. Mc., New York, New York

“My stay at Seabrook completely transformed me. I came in here honestly without much will to live & I’m leaving excited about a new direction in life.”

R. W., Mays Landing, New Jersey

“The entire staff & community came together to help me survive my detox. Also, they continued a support program that enabled me to learn & have a memorable experience here.”

M. E., Secaucus, New York

“It made me start loving myself again and learn how to stay clean.”

M. C., Roselle Park, New Jersey

“I now understand that alcoholism is a disease, not just a matter of will power.”

D. E., Queens, New York

“I feel that this place has made me a better man & working on being a better husband.”