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Medication-Assisted Treatment

At Seabrook, we pride ourselves on remaining on the leading edge of addiction treatment. Opiate addiction often requires a nontraditional, medication-based approach. Medication-Assisted Treatment, or MAT, is a comprehensive and highly effective approach that uses FDA-approved medications alongside therapy and counseling to address behavioral issues, support recovery, and prevent relapse.

Managing Withdrawal, Easing Recovery

People who have become physically and mentally reliant on opioids experience strong cravings for the drugs, and feel ill when they try to stop using these substances on their own. These intense withdrawal symptoms can make it especially challenging for someone to recover from an opiate dependency without professional help.

A medication that is an opioid antagonist is used and it blocks the effects of narcotics while curbing cravings for the drug, thus minimizing the risk of withdrawal. A medical team that is board-certified in addiction medicine, addiction psychiatry, family practice, and other specialties oversees our MAT program.

What Makes MAT Effective?

There’s a common misconception that MAT is substituting one addictive substance for another. However, taking medication to help manage an opiate addiction is the same as taking drugs for any other chronic disease, such as cancer or diabetes. When someone with an opioid dependency uses MAT under the supervision of a qualified, licensed medical professional who specializes in treating addiction disorders, there is no risk of developing a new addiction.

In fact, evidence-based approaches like MAT have a high rate of success in helping people successfully overcome their opiate dependency, get on the path to wellness, and maintain long-term recovery.

By bridging the biological and behavioral components of addiction, MAT takes a highly customizable approach to improving a patient’s quality of lifeand their ability to handle stressful situations. Patients who enroll in MAT at Seabrook can complete our program on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Opioid Addiction Treatment in NJ

With our focus on holistic healing and family support, Seabrook has developed a multifaceted approach to helping give our patients the support they need to recover from substance abuse and lead a healthy lifestyle. If an opiate dependency is preventing you from living your best life, let Seabrook’s medical addiction treatment specialists help you find the courage and strength you need to get well and stay well with medication-assisted treatment.