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Insurance Accepted by Seabrook

At Seabrook®, we understand the courage it takes to acknowledge your addiction and seek life-saving treatment. Navigating the language and loopholes of your insurance policy should never be a stumbling block to recovery. We know insurance benefits can be confusing, and our admissions staff is here to clarify your policy and ease your mind.

When you call (888) 223-0298 to verify insurance benefits, the Seabrook Helpline team walks you through your plan’s stated coverage, co-pays, deductibles and itemized benefits. Insurance policies and benefits vary greatly, so we help you make sense of the fine print and obtain additional information when needed.

Your decision to call Seabrook sprang from an awakening love and
commitment to yourself or a loved one. We want you to succeed in
your quest for life-affirming recovery. Count on the Seabrook team
to guide you through the necessary steps for enrollment,

Verifying insurance coverage & benefits
Obtaining pre-authorizations
Requesting additional coverage when needed
Filing claims for benefit payment

Plans We Accept

Seabrook proudly accepts benefits from most health insurance companies, unions and worker’s compensation plans. Recent changes in required coverage have broadened benefits to include mental health, drug, and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation services.

An Investment in Yourself

Working through the proven 12-Step Recovery Principles and learning the strategies and lessons of rehab are important investments of your time and energy. Addiction treatment at Seabrook is also a worthwhile financial investment that leads to renewed health and well-being. No matter your situation, Seabrook makes every attempt to keep our rehabilitation costs affordable.

Full payment for services is expected upon admission to any program unless arrangements are made beforehand. Financing is available and should be completed prior to admission. Please remember that incomplete or delayed financial arrangements can postpone enrollment and delay recovery.

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Patient Financial Responsibility

When you are approved for admission and sign the Terms of Admission agreement, you are contractually obligated for payment, including agreed upon fees due at the time of admission. Seabrook cannot hold your insurance company responsible for payment of services rendered. An insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company only. We will work with your insurer to provide the necessary information to review treatment for medical necessity, but it should be noted that Seabrook has no control over the outcome of these reviews. Accepted reviews do not guarantee payment by any insurance carrier upon final billing.

Seabrook’s Helpline is available 24/7, (888) 223-0298, to answer questions about treatment coverage. All inquiries and disclosures are strictly confidential. Seabrook is truly the “heart of recovery,” and our admissions staff works tirelessly to help you and your family achieve recovery success.