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Seabrook Alumni Services

Founded on family, Seabrook® believes family plays an integral role in successful sobriety outcomes. We view discharged clients and their loved ones as part of the extended Seabrook community. Seabrook Alumni Services is a program designed to maintain these connections and continue the inspirational and supportive relationships our clients developed during rehab.

Seabrook clients who complete addiction treatment and return home are different people. They are healthier, self-empowered and excited by a new, sober way of living. The award-winning Seabrook Model® for recovery has opened their world to new interests, new life lessons and new goals. They have left the “heart of recovery,” but they still feel the loving support and inspiration they experienced at Seabrook.

Women receiving support from the drug rehab program in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

With over 40 years of watching patients transform their lives and sometimes relapse, we know that in the first few months after rehab, doubt, temptation and old habits can derail recovery and undo hard-won progress. Alumni Services provides a variety of resources to keep alumni connected and supported as they embark on their life-long recovery journey. Services include:

Follow-Up Call Program:

Phone calls are placed to alumni and family members at various intervals during the first year of recovery. This follow-up program provides encouragement, love and accountability for Seabrook graduates as they reintegrate into their sober lives.

CaredFor App:

CaredFor is our secure, online platform that allows our alumni to connect, engage, and support one another, while also staying in touch with Seabrook. Inside CaredFor, alumni use a personalized dashboard that tracks sobriety time, provides articles and resource material, and provides support from recovery experts, including those at Seabrook.

Getting Started

Use of the CaredFor app is free for alumni and can be accessed on most wireless devices. To get started, text SEABROOK to 30678 or look for it in your app store.

CaredFor App Flyer for Seabrook

Alumni Contact Program:

This initiative connects newly discharged clients with alumni who have sustained six months of sobriety and are actively participating in the 12-Step Principles of Recovery. Connections are matched by region, allowing recent graduates to access local support and fellowship. The Alumni Contact Program is a valuable tool for transitioning from treatment to a sober support network.

Join Seabrook Alumni Services

Seabrook alumni who are active 12-Step participants with 6+ months of sobriety are welcome to serve as a Seabrook alumni contact. To get involved, fill out the Seabrook Contact Program Application.


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