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Outpatient treatment allows Seabrook clients to live at home and take care of family and employment responsibilities while participating in treatment for substance abuse and alcoholism. At Seabrook Morristown, we offer more than hope for a new, substance-free future. Here, you’ll find a care continuum and treatment approach rooted in love and refined over four decades of experience. It’s a deliberate, outcome-based blend of 12-Step Recovery Principles, clinically proven treatment protocols and holistic modalities. Call today, and we’ll help you find the courage to recover from addiction.

About Seabrook Morristown

Seabrook Morristown’s accredited outpatient mental health and addiction treatment center is located in historic Morristown, NJ. Our welcoming facility is just a short drive from bustling Morristown Green and directly across the street from Morristown Medical Center. Offering partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient care (IOP), traditional aftercare and individual counseling for clients with co-occurring medical and mental health disorders, we provide a holistic mind, body and spirit treatment focus.

Services include alcoholism and substance abuse treatment, patient monitoring, addiction education and family services for adults who wish to live at home during rehab. Our multidisciplinary clinicians and staff teach clients to embrace life without substance dependency.

At Seabrook Morristown, you won’t find a cold, clinical office environment. Our safe, serene and sober space is beautifully furnished and equipped with a Wi-Fi-enabled lounge and café, cable television, vending machines and multiple meeting spaces for continuing education and 12-Step self-help groups.

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Addiction Treatment in Morristown, NJ
Seabrook Morristown’s outpatient program sessions are designed to fit with your schedule, your family and your life. Depending on the treatment level, meeting frequency varies.

Traditional Outpatient (OP)
One to two group sessions per week; as little as one per month

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
Four times a week for 2.25 hours, plus one individual session and family/outside provider contact each month

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)
Four days a week, five hours a day (includes one meal per day)

Individual and Family Counseling
One weekly hour-long session

Seabrook Morristown Treatment Curriculum

Seabrook Morristown’s educational sessions and counseling coursework incorporate topics like these:

  • Medical aspects of addiction
  • Addiction dynamics
  • Importance of abstinence
  • Maximizing the 12-Step immersion
  • Minimizing risky behavior
  • Nutrition, exercise & recreation
  • Relationship skills & conflict resolution
  • Family dynamic during recovery
  • Relapse management skills
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Is Outpatient Treatment For You?

Seabrook Morristown’s outpatient and aftercare programs are ideal for many people who cannot be away from their home, job and family. However, not all men and women are suited to outpatient care. Sober success may hinge on your ability to participate in a more intensive program or a residential treatment plan. We offer these in our full continuum of care, and the Seabrook team of clinicians will help you decide the best avenue for obtaining sobriety. We use the following criteria to evaluate eligibility for outpatient care versus other treatment options:

  • DSMV diagnosis of substance use disorder with a strong likelihood that the patient will respond well to treatment.
  • Symptoms that interfere with the individual’s ability to function in at least one life area.
  • The ability to function in an outpatient setting without posing a risk to self or others.
  • Meets American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) level II.1 dimensional admission criteria.
Seabrook Morristown Patient Responsibilities

Entry into the Seabrook outpatient program begins a simultaneously challenging and rewarding path to lasting sobriety and personal accountability. It is possible to thrive and enjoy life to the fullest without substance use, and we are here to offer you affirming love and direction for a healthier life. Welcoming our clients with compassion, we offer deep clinical expertise blended with the proven 12-Step immersion process that Seabrook is known for. Seabrook Morristown clients must accept these patient responsibilities:

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  • Respect the confidentiality of all patients.
  • Provide honest and accurate information about your health, all substance abuse, and addictive behaviors. You will be asked to provide proof of all prescribed medications.
  • Report any difficulty with abstinence for alcohol and drug use. Be willing to make changes in your treatment plan to address such difficulties. This may include being referred to another level of care, including residential treatment or hospitalization.
  • Develop and comply with your individual treatment plan.
  • Provide necessary information to a financial counselor and agree to pay any out-of-pocket costs.
  • Attend 12-Step support group meetings on a regular basis while in the program.
Financing Your Outpatient Treatment

Finances should not prevent men and women from seeking help at a reputable NJ addiction treatment center. For the benefit of our clients, Seabrook partners with many insurance providers. Copays are expected upon program admission, and our team is available to discuss self-payment when insurance is not an option.

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Contact Seabrook’s Outpatient Rehab in Morristown, NJ

Seabrook Morristown is a CARF-accredited outpatient program providing individual and group therapy, 12-Step recovery education, life skills training and family addiction services. It would be our honor to help you reclaim your future and escape the bondage of addiction.

To learn more about Seabrook Morristown’s outpatient services, call today: 973-946-8200. Our admissions team will help you verify insurance benefits, discuss programming schedules and navigate self-payment options.