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(02/2021) Parting Ways with ‘Mother’s Little Helper’
Modern-day women who use benzodiazepines and other substances to escape from life’s many challenges turn to Seabrook for help in breaking the hold of addiction.

(01/13/2021) Summit BHC Acquires New Jersey Facility & Expands Presence in Virginia

(11/5/2017) Higher demand for addiction treatment for women with children, experts say

(10/9/2017) Seabrook House is Now Seabrook the Heart of Recovery

(5/15/2017) Seabrook House opens 5th location

(5/10/2017) Governor Christie to Join Ribbon Cutting at Addiction Treatment Center

(3/30/2017) Addiction recovery program set for expansion

(11/29/2016) Seabrook House co-founder Margaret Diehl dies

(5/12/2016) Is opiate addiction preventable?

(10/12/2016) Ed Diehl gives interview on Latino Motion.

(7/15/2014) Seabrook celebrates 40 years as anchor for the recovery community.

(3/6/2014 ) Ann Marie Bescherer gives interview to CBS

(11/27/2013) TRI Toolkit

(11/22/2013) Residential center takes manualized approach to 12-Step facilitation

(11/7/2013) How heroin abuse has become epidemic

(9/23/2013) OPENMINDS – Seabrook Ends Provider Contract

(6/11/2013) Seabrook Joins Patrick Kennedy In Fight For Equality

(4/14/2013) Seabrook sponsors Women Symposium

(4/2/2013) Young Adults and Extended Care

(1/31/2013) Addiction Professional reports on a newly created position at Seabrook

(12/11/2012) Seabrook announces the opening of two New Jersey treatment facilities

(10/11/2012) Seabrook founder honored by livengrin Foundation

(5/31/2012) Seabrook leads campaign to highlight treatment success stories

(7/26/2010) Primary therapist Janet Castellini interviewed by Social Work Today on pregnancy and addiction

(7/19/2010) Behavioral Healthcare magazine interviews Seabrook Nursing Director Jeanne Mahoney

(3/8/2010) WPVI-6 News interviews a Seabrook patient for a story on heroin addiction among suburban teens

(2/25/2010) Vineland Daily Journal reports on Seabrook donating supplies

(2/14/2010) Addiction Battle a Fight for Parity – Courier-Post

(8/5/2009) Ed Diehl quoted in ABC News

(2/7/2009) Vineland Daily Journal reports on expansion plans at Seabrook

(2/3/2009) Seabrook medical director weighs in on Michael Phelps’ marijuana use in Baltimore Sun

(1/1/2009) Seabrook’s Couples in Recovery workshops featured in Addiction Professional magazine

(12/31/2008) Vineland Daily Journal reports on the MatriArk program receiving a grant

(12/30/2008) Denise Adams, VP of Human Resources, in Addiction Professional

(11/3/2008) The Courier Post interviews Ed Diehl about the addiction parity law

(10/27/2008) Seabrook therapist Christopher Patrone discusses sex addiction in Addiction and Drug Abuse Weekly

(7/26/2008) Seabrook weighs in on the death of actor Heath Ledger in the Courier Post

(7/22/2008) Newark Star-Ledger mentions Seabrook in story on Heath Ledger’s death