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Coronavirus: COVID-19

Seabrook treatment centers has developed the following policies and procedures to ensure the safety of all patients, visitors, staff and family members, as it relates to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Seabrook continues to admit residential patients 24 hours per day, seven days per week, as well as all outpatient services:

  1. Seabrook is following all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health department screening guidelines for patients, visitors, family members and staff. This includes temperatures being taken at all Seabrook entry points.
  2. Seabrook is following all CDC infection control guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting of all public, private and behavioral health treatment and living areas and vehicles.
  3. Seabrook is limiting all outside access for current residential patients. We are no longer allowing any visitation at residential campus until further notice. In addition, the Three Day Family Matrix program at the residential campus has been suspended.
  4. Seabrook has implemented “social distancing” measures in all levels of behavioral healthcare where required.
  5. We are conducting prescreening telephonic questionnaires for all persons seeking treatment. The questions are specific to current symptoms, travel history, and potential exposure. The screening is not a lab test. Then, upon arrival to any Seabrook facility, we are conducting a re-screening of all potential admissions. If indicated, a lab test may be performed.
  6. Visitors who have symptoms or do not meet the screening criteria, may not be permitted to enter a Seabrook facility. If, as a result of any screening or lab test, a high risk person is identified, that person may be referred to proper healthcare and an individual treatment plan will be developed to address the behavioral healthcare needs. This may include tele-counseling services and/or outpatient individual therapy sessions.
  7. All vendors and all employees are required to enter Seabrook facilities at a designated entrance point. A questionnaire is being completed and a temperature is being taken. Those identified as high risk are being quarantined if necessary.

If you or a family member is in need of behavioral healthcare, please reach out 24/7 to our Call Center via email, chat, or by calling 1-(888) 223-0298. We have trained staff persons waiting to assist you or your loved one.

We will be reviewing these policies and procedures on a daily basis and make changes as necessary and/or as indicated by the CDC. We recognize that these additional screenings may be inconvenient. We ask for your continued cooperation. Seabrook is asking that if you are feeling sick, to please stay home and seek medical treatment at this time. Thank you for your understanding.


Seabrook Clinical Medical Team