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Factors That Contribute to Alcohol Addiction
Tracey L. Kelley | 8 October

Decades of stigmas related to how people develop drug and alcohol addiction created a great misunderstanding of this brain disease.

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What to Do When Addiction Affects Your Health
Tracey L. Kelley | 23 September

Sometimes, the consequences of addiction don’t go away. If an individual with substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder

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Inspirational Books and Movies About Recovery
Tracey L. Kelley | 13 June

Storytelling is the foundation of the human experience. When we’re moving through struggle and need a boost, books and movies

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Using Christian Faith for Your Recovery
Tracey L. Kelley | 7 April

It’s truly courageous to enter an addiction treatment facility. Some people feel guided by their faith to seek treatment, which

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The Trauma and Addiction Connection
Tracey L. Kelley | 18 January

Addiction science has come a long way in recognizing the undercurrents of substance use disorder (SUD) and alcohol use disorder

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Marijuana: The Risks are Real
Loren Solomon | 13 December

My sister had been smoking pot since she was 13. She’s in her forties now. Quitting was a lot harder

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Why Gender-Specific Treatment Is Important
Tracey L. Kelley | 8 December

There’s not always a reason to delineate aspects of life by gender. However, researchers believe that addiction treatment and early

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What Is Brainspotting, and How Can It Help You?
Tracey L. Kelley | 3 December

What Is Brainspotting? Addiction science continues to expand progressive treatment options that move beyond symptoms and into the root causes

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Separation Anxiety: When Your Partner Goes to Rehab
Seabrook | 12 November

Home Alone Your partner’s substance abuse got way out of hand. Fortunately, they recognized their issue and sought out treatment.

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Incarceration and Addiction
Tracey L. Kelley | 25 October

To fully understand the impact of an individual’s substance use disorder (SUD) and alcohol use disorder (AUD), professional care providers

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