Keep Your E-Cigarette Fluid Locked Away

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Keep Your E-Cigarette Fluid Locked Away

The popularity of e-cigarettes continues to rise. Many people are turning to these in an attempt to quit smoking. E-cigarettes are small, battery powered devices that turn a liquid into a vapor that gets inhaled. The liquid contains small amounts of nicotine. There are different flavors of the liquid, including fruit and candy flavors, that keep people coming back for more.

Because the device needs to be refilled with a liquid, users often keep a supply in their homes. This poses a dangerous risk for children living in the home who may get their hands on it and try to ingest it. And with all the different colors and scents of the liquid, it makes it that much more enticing for children to want to try some.

The Centers for Disease Control has even reported that poison control centers nationwide receive approximately 400 calls a month in regards to ingestion of liquid nicotine in children 5 years or younger. There have even been reports of death of very young children from drinking large amounts of this liquid.

If you do use electronic cigarettes, it is best to keep your liquid locked away in a safe place, away from the hands of children.