Law Enforcement and Naloxone

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Law Enforcement and Naloxone

Drug policy experts are fighting for the right to allow law enforcement officers to carry Naloxone (Narcan). Narcan is a life-saving overdose antidote that has saved hundreds of lives.

When an emergency is called in, police officers are notified and accompany emergency medical services (EMS) to the scene. Often, they arrive before the EMS and are able investigate the situation. When an overdose occurs, there are obvious symptoms or clues as to what has happened. Occasionally, there are also drugs present which allow officers to determine immediately what occurred.

In an overdose situation, it is critical to get the patient help as soon as possible. If law enforcement officers were authorized to administer Narcan, they could save many more victims. Right now, less than 15 states allow officers to administer the drug. Imagine what would happen if all states allowed this.

The drug policy experts are not just advocating for the antidote to be given to the officers, they want the officers trained as well. Addiction is a very serious issue and officers should be educated on how to recognize symptoms. The training and authorization of carrying Narcan would hopefully lower the thousands of overdose deaths per year.