The Benefits of Behavior Therapy in Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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The Benefits of Behavior Therapy in Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The Importance of Behavior Therapy for Addiction

Behavior therapy is based on the idea that feelings and behaviors are caused by a person’s thoughts, not on outside factors like people and surroundings. People may not be able to change their circumstances, but they can change how they think about them and therefore change how they feel and behave. Battling addictions of alcohol and drug dependence can certainly reach a point of physical dependence, and that’s where detoxification and medication will temporarily help. But it’s crucial and valuable to train the mind to fully recover from an addiction or dependence on drugs or alcohol. When treating for alcohol and drug dependence, the goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to teach the addict to recognize situations in which they are most likely to drink or use drugs and avoid these situations and surroundings. Being able to cope with other problems and behaviors which may lead to their substance abuse is another crucial step in determining the risks that are likely to lead to a relapse.

In an environment like Boston, Massachusetts (MA), where there are a large number of Irish descendants and drinking alcohol is a tradition of sorts, people in the Boston community might not know any other way to deal with their problems then to drink or use drugs. Kids growing up in the Boston area might have been easily exposed to their parents or other adults drinking and using drugs from an early age, so when they became old enough to have serious problems, they turned to the only thing they’ve ever seen to deal with the life’s problems. Behavior therapy can help a Boston resident learn to cope with their difficulties in a healthier manner. Seabrook offers behavior therapy for drug and or alcohol addiction. Seabrook is an internationally recognized private and exclusive inpatient drug rehab and alcoholism detox treatment center, located in rural Bridgeton, New Jersey—roughly a 6 hour drive south of Boston, or about an hour flight. It’s important for an addict to learn that drugs and alcohol are dangerous ways of dealing with problems, and the treatment team at Seabrook can help guide you to recovery and a better future.