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Are Non-Alcoholic Alternatives Good for People in Recovery?
Tracey L. Kelley | 19 March

The rise of “Dry January” and “Sober October” sparked greater interest in non-alcoholic alternatives. In fact, many celebrities are raising

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Why Boundaries Are Important in Recovery
Tracey L. Kelley | 4 February

Setting boundaries is a phrase we hear a lot about but don’t always understand until we’ve received the proper guidance.

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A Few Laughs a Day Makes Recovery Easier—Here’s Why
Tracey L. Kelley | 18 January

Here’s a surprising fact: humans aren’t the only creatures who laugh. Researchers have discovered that dozens of other species do

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Focus Forward: What Happens If You Have to Return to Rehab
Tracey L. Kelley | 17 December

The time has come. You know deep in your heart that you have to go back into rehab. There’s a

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Turning Over a New Leaf in the New Year
Tracey L. Kelley | 6 December

 Even if you’re not the type of person who makes New Year resolutions, you can always look ahead with excitement

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Developing a Purpose in Sobriety
Tracey L. Kelley | 19 November

How many times have you heard someone say, “[fill in the blank] gives me a reason to get up in

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Why a Daily Recovery Practice Helps You Celebrate Every Little Victory
Tracey L. Kelley | 16 November

Everyone moves through recovery differently, and it’s essential to find the individual tools that work best for you. However, one

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Whole Food for the Win: How Eating Healthfully Helps Recovery
Tracey L. Kelley | 26 October

We already know that eating well is better for us. As we reach for a fifth slice of cheesy pepperoni

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Recovery Success Stories to Inspire You
Tracey L. Kelley | 26 August

Although it often feels as though we’re alone on our sobriety journey, the recovery community holds many people just like

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How to Make the Most of Your Sober Vacation
Tracey L. Kelley | 28 July

Beloved poet Mary Oliver is famous for posing an insightful question in her poem “The Summer Day”: “Tell me, what

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