Strong Marijuana and Brain Matter

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Strong Marijuana and Brain Matter

A new form of a popular drug is gaining attention across the country. The drug, which goes by nicknames like ‘shatter’ and ‘budder’ is a high-potency form of the drug marijuana. Scientists are now finding that this drug can damage nerve fibers in the brain that handle the flow of messages.

Scientists studied the brain scans of 56 patients who experienced psychosis and 43 healthy volunteers. Physicians believed that the psychosis was related to the use of the strong marijuana. They scanned the brain with both magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI). They found that the patients who reportedly smoked the high-potency marijuana had less white matter in their brain, specifically where the left and right hemispheres connect and carry signals.

The difference in white matter was not found on patients who did not ever smoke marijuana and those who smoked a less potent form.

Scientists involved emphasized that the public should view marijuana as it views alcohol, in terms strength and how it can have effects on health.