Using E-Cigarettes to Smoke Marijuana

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Using E-Cigarettes to Smoke Marijuana

People are going to new lengths to secretly use marijuana in public, including smoking the drug out of an e-cigarette or vape pen. This new trend is gaining popularity for its discreet nature. No one thinks twice when seeing someone smoking an e-cigarette, especially when it is not giving off the typical marijuana smell.

Users load up their e-cigarettes or vape pens with a hash oil, which is a marijuana concentrate. This concentrate can be very strong and may contain anywhere from 20 percent to 90 percent THC. The oil then vaporizes as it is inhaled. Because of the high THC level, it sometimes only takes users one inhalation to begin to feel the effects.

A majority of the states do not currently have regulatory laws on marijuana concentrate, therefore making the oils more dangerous. Officials in states with legalized marijuana are calling for regulations on the oils.

Parents and teachers are also concerned with this trend because it makes it easier for adolescents to hide the drug. Although parents and teachers should be alarmed when they see an adolescent with an e-cigarette or vape pen, they may not realize its marijuana.