Practicing Letting Go

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Practicing Letting Go

Blog by: Alumni Relations Specialist

Practicing Gods will not mine; this is where I have to trust my Higher Power. I have to trust that God can restore me to a right mind, a sane mind, that leads me to sane and healthy behavior. I need to let my Higher Power be the overall manager of my life. Besides, when I managed my life things didn’t go so well.

When life isn’t going how I like it to it is easy to “take the wheel” from Him and force things to go my way. Sadly this will land even the best person in an emotional and spiritual ditch! Why not let God drive instead? By doing this I will experience a sense of peace, rest, and contentment. When I “steal the wheel” my communication is hindered, because I think He should be driving me somewhere else. With trust comes love and with them combined this is a match of faith. So when we don’t know where we are going, just sit back and relax and let Him “take the wheel”.