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Lessons Learned in Recovery Month
Seabrook | 28 September

Overdose Awareness Day on August 31rst often leaves us feeling somber and hopeless. Beginning September 1rst is Recovery Month is

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Overdose Awareness Day Tribute
Seabrook | 31 August

  Overdose Awareness Day is on August 31st. You may see purple ribbons all over your community. Strung along telephone

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Drugs are only a Symptom of the Disease
Seabrook | 21 July

The disease of addiction was prevalent in my life before I ever picked up a substance. I can remember my

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Fear Of…
Seabrook | 11 July

Fear is a big part of recovery. It is not always a bad thing. We had fear when we were

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How Free do you want to be?
Seabrook | 31 March

Could you imagine being able to function on a daily basis without putting a substance into your body? Ever think

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Knowing when to Step Back…
Seabrook | 16 December

Having a career in the addictions field and also being in recovery myself, I get a lot of people that

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Spiritual Bankruptcy
Seabrook | 10 November

Those foxhole prayers and intermittent cries for help don’t constitute the definition of spirituality that’s needed for recovery from a

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It’s One Day at a Time
Seabrook | 28 October

How much time do you have? Everyone wants to know! I have today! That’s what really matters, and that each

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Positive Thinking…
Seabrook | 14 October

When it rain it pours!  It feels like the world wants to throw curve balls at me one after another.

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Celebrate The Miracle!
Seabrook | 9 September

There are many things we celebrate in our lifetime. One of the most important celebrations in my heart that I

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