Music as an Outlet in Recovery

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Music as an Outlet in Recovery

In recovery, everyone has a different outlet. Many take up journaling, some like to do artwork, others begin exercising, and then there are those who use music. Whether you are learning to play a new instrument, listening to new artists, or writing songs, music can be a great hobby for recovering addicts.

Music is very beneficial because it can reduce stress levels and help relaxation. Those in recovery tend to be tense and are dealing with a lot of emotions, and music can calm these things. It can create a very serene state for the listener or even help with concentration. Additionally, it can be used as an emotional release by creating new songs, or just singing along to the ones you like.

It is exceptionally helpful in recovery because it can reduce boredom. Boredom is one of the top reasons for relapse. When a person in recovery is bored, he or she may choose to listen to a good album or a few relaxing songs until the urge to use or drink passes. Music may also help the recovering addict feel less lonely by giving them lyrics to connect with.

The only thing to be careful of with listening to music while in recovery is listening to music that glamorizes doing drugs or drinking alcohol. This is unfortunately the topic of many songs in today’s culture, but it can be avoided.