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Clear Your Mind by Journaling
Tracey L. Kelley | 9 September

When the swirling cloud of thoughts gets to be too much, journaling is one of the best ways to calm

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Why Withdrawal Management Helps Your Detox
Tracey L. Kelley | 15 August

What most people initially fear most about addiction treatment is the detoxification process. Without a doubt, it can be a

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Understanding EMDR for Trauma Recovery
Tracey L. Kelley | 13 May

For many people, trauma is a strong contributor to addictive behavior. When someone has experienced trauma but hasn’t had the

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Drumming: Tap Into Your Inner Rhythm for Healing
Tracey L. Kelley | 22 March

In the whiz-bang rush of our modern age, sometimes it’s challenging to get to the heart of who we are

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The Partnership Between a Rehab Facility and a Client
Tracey L. Kelley | 5 March

Deciding to go to addiction rehab, especially an inpatient facility, isn’t always an easy choice. Many factors might come into

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Why Holistic Therapies Provide Longlasting Recovery
Tracey L. Kelley | 6 February

Choosing to go into rehab for substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a major step in

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Give the Gift of Self-Love This Valentine’s Day
Tracey L. Kelley | 1 February

February 14th, or Valentine’s Day, commemorates an ancient pagen fertility celebration, which is why the modern observance centers on couples.

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The Trauma and Addiction Connection
Tracey L. Kelley | 18 January

Addiction science has come a long way in recognizing the undercurrents of substance use disorder (SUD) and alcohol use disorder

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Best Yoga Styles for Recovery
Tracey L. Kelley | 8 January

Using all the best tools at hand to reduce triggers and avoid relapse just makes sense, especially if they don’t

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What Is Brainspotting, and How Can It Help You?
Tracey L. Kelley | 3 December

What Is Brainspotting? Addiction science continues to expand progressive treatment options that move beyond symptoms and into the root causes

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