Overdose Can Do More Than Just Kill You

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Overdose Can Do More Than Just Kill You

A quadriplegic is now unable to speak due to a prescription drug overdose. In 2005 he overdosed on OxyContin at a friend’s house. He suffered a heart attack and two strokes, and was in a coma for three weeks. His family was preparing for his funeral when he started to show some signs of life. This man’s story is being told in a documentary called, “Behind the Orange Curtain.” The film follows the prescription drug abuse problem among teenagers and young adults in Orange County. Drug abuse has become an epidemic. Many believe it is because pills can be found in medicine cabinets in most homes.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy calls prescription drug abuse the fastest-growing drug problem in the Nation, and about 100 Americans die from a prescription drug overdose everyday.
The documentary hopes to raise awareness of what is happening with these young adults. Many counterfeited money, underwent unneeded medical surgeries, and stole from homes to obtain pills. The film was shown as part of Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Month.

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