Increase in Overdoses in Chicago

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Increase in Overdoses in Chicago

This past week, Chicago saw 74 overdoses within 72 hours. This is more than double the amount of overdoses occurring in Chicago all of last year. These overdoses were all caused by a dangerous batch of heroin sold on the West Side of Chicago. This batch was especially dangerous because it was mixed with fentanyl, a powerful painkiller.

The life-saving overdose antidote, naloxone, saved many of these lives. Because of this incident, the police forces in the area are armed with extra doses of the antidote. Unfortunately a few of the lives could not be saved, and police are investigating these incidences.

Chicago is no stranger to heroin overdoses. In 2006 a similar increase in overdoses occurred, also due to the drug being mixed with fentanyl. Police are warning the public about these recent overdoses and advising all law enforcement to always keep naloxone close by.