Low-Nicotine Cigarettes Could Help Smokers Quit

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Low-Nicotine Cigarettes Could Help Smokers Quit

In 2009, President Barack Obama initiated a law which would regulate nicotine. The law would require that all cigarettes sold in the United States be low-nicotine.  But as of this point, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not acted on the law.

A new study is now reporting that these low-nicotine cigarettes could reduce smoking, and even cause some smokers to kick the habit all together. Researchers on the study followed 800 smokers across the country to analyze their smoking habits and to test whether substituting their regular cigarettes with low-nicotine cigarettes would affect their addiction.

Over the course of six weeks, half the smokers continued to smoke their regular brands of cigarettes while the other half were unknowingly given low-nicotine cigarettes. Those smoking the regular cigarettes smoked up to 22 cigarettes a day while those with the low-nicotine cigarettes only smoked up to 16 a day. The low-nicotine cigarettes smokers did not feel any normal nicotine withdrawal symptoms, and some were even able to quit completely.

Although this study shows promising results for low-nicotine cigarettes, the researchers are urging more studies be done on the subject.