Energy Shots are Not Always Safe

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Energy Shots are Not Always Safe

What if you could buy painkillers or similar drugs or substances right at a gas station counter or convenience store? Although this sounds like it would be illegal, some products are making it possible.

The energy shot Vivazen is gaining popularity for its painkiller-like effect on users. It contains the substance Kratom, which has similar effects to the painkiller hydrocodone. It is sold right in local convenience stores and gas stations and is displayed among popular energy shots like 5 hour energy.

Kratom is an addictive substance. Due to its addictiveness, Vivazen is actually illegal in multiple states. If used on a daily basis, one can become addicted quite quickly. Its side effects include vomiting, sweating, delusions and psychotic episodes. The withdrawal from Kratom is even worse, with side effects including depression, mood swings and irritability.

Vivazen is advertised as containing safe ‘natural herbs,’ but that is not the case. It is best to stay away from this dangerous energy shot.