Spring Clean your Medicine Cabinets

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Spring Clean your Medicine Cabinets

It’s finally spring! For most people, the warm weather usually comes with the task of spring cleaning. Many take the time during the change of seasons to clean out their homes, getting rid of all the things they don’t want or need. This time should be utilized for getting rid of unused medications.

Many unused medications sit for months in medicine cabinets. This means easy access to young adults who are looking to experiment with drugs, or addicts looking for their next high. If you are not using medications, don’t let it just sit there, get rid of it during your spring cleaning.

There are unused medicine drop box locations all over the country, even here in New Jersey. To search for the nearest location near you, click here.

You can prevent people from getting their hands on addictive substances by doing this simple task during spring cleaning. Don’t put it off any longer.