Is Hookah Bad for You?

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Is Hookah Bad for You?

Hookah is becoming more and more popular in today’s society. Hookah bars are popping up in all major cities and enticing young adults to come and hang out and smoke hookah with their friends.

But what is hookah? Hookah is a water tobacco pipe that draws smoke through numerous tubes. Because of the numerous tubes, hookah has become a social activity. But this social activity can be dangerous.

Don’t let the hookah bar advertisements fool you, hookah is unsafe and does contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance. Like e-cigarettes, the hookah liquid comes in different flavors, which along with the addictive nicotine, keep people coming back for more.

Not only does Hookah contain nicotine, it contains a lot of nicotine. One pipe of hookah contains the amount of nicotine found in 70 cigarettes. Smoking these often can lead to addiction very fast. Some signs of hookah addiction include: spending a lot of time and money at a hookah establishment, thinking about it when you’re not doing it, and continuing to smoke it despite the harmful effects it is having on your body. If you stop smoking it, you can even experience withdrawal symptoms.

So next time your friends suggest going to a hookah bar on a Friday night, suggest somewhere else.