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Insurance Companies and the Opioid Epidemic
Seabrook | 6 November

  Insurance companies are at a critical point right now. Do they continue their long-time practices, or assist in the

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How Industries Are Adjusting to the Opioid Crisis
Seabrook | 20 July

Each week new research is published journaling the opioid crisis. The information being gathered needs to be shared. More and

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FDA Issues Warning About Kratom
Seabrook | 15 November

The Federal Drug Association (FDA) issued this week a public health advisory on the herbal supplement kratom, outlining concerns about its “deadly risks.”

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Alcohol Use Ups Risk of Cocaine Addiction
Seabrook | 8 November

Drinking alcohol may make you more vulnerable to cocaine addiction, according to a new rat study published on Science Advances. When rats

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Study: Opioid Addiction Rates Skyrocket, Yet Few Seek Treatment
Seabrook | 30 June

A new large-scale study reveals yet another heartbreaking finding when it comes to opioid addiction. Over the last seven years,

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Acetaminophen Reduces Empathy
Seabrook | 17 May

The most common drug ingredient in the United States, Acetaminophen, may not only reduce your pain, but also decrease your

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Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Can Lead to Pre-term Birth
Seabrook | 13 May

Twenty-three states in America have legalized marijuana in either medicinal or recreational form. Because it is more readily available, more

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What is Salvia?
Seabrook | 5 May

Salvia is a plant belonging to the sage family that is considered a natural hallucinogen. It is used as a

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Addicts Self-Treating Withdrawal with Imodium
Seabrook | 4 May

A piece published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine finds that people are buying the over the counter medication Imodium

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National Drug Take-Back Day
Seabrook | 29 April

Are you one of the millions of Americans that has unused prescription medication in your medicine cabinet? If so, now is

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