Green Day Singer Talks About Rehab

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Green Day Singer Talks About Rehab

Everyone one remembers the breakdown by Green Day singer, Billie Joe Armstrong during his band’s performance at the I heart Radio Festival. How could we forget his rants about everything from Clear Channel to Justin Beiber. That breakdown caused Armstrong to participate in an outpatient rehab program that lasted about 30 days.

The 41 year old singer opened up about his experience and said that he was a blackout drinker, and that was what had basically occurred that night at the concert. He also spoke about his anxiety and insomnia pill dependency, and serious drinking problem. Armstrong stated that his problem got so out of hand that he started combining all of his pills to the point where he had no clue what he was taking.

The Green Day singer is a father of two, and shared the difficulty of detoxing, but insists that he is clean now and ready to go back on tour. He admits that the urges will be difficult to resist but he sure he can stay clean and not relapse.

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