Flakka- The Newest Party Drug

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Flakka- The Newest Party Drug

There is a new and dangerous synthetic drug on the market called Flakka. Flakka has been nicknamed the ‘insanity drug’ for its wild effects on users. It is a mix of cathinoes and other stimulants, a very dangerous combination. Flakka is frequently compared to other party drugs like Molly or Ecstasy.

The drug that is now circulating the United States, particularly throughout the state of Florida, comes in a crystal form. Users ingest it in all different ways from snorting, injecting and vaping it in e-cigarettes. The drug acts like a stimulant by releasing dopamine which affects the reward center of the brain. It causes major euphoria, which can end up as excited delirium. Excited delirium is when the body overdoses on euphoria, which makes the body overheat, which then induces hypothermia. A series of events happens after this, involving the muscles disintegrating and the kidneys unable to filter certain proteins.

Physicians are saying this is one of the most dangerous drugs on the market, possibly even more addictive than crystal meth. When taken, the user goes insane. There have been reports of users running around the streets of South Florida naked to others attacking innocent bystanders. Another big problem with this drug is that it is so new that people don’t know how much is safe, which means they could easily overdose.

Doctors warn users to stay far away from this dangerous party drug and get help if they are already addicted.