FDA Commissioner Called to Step Down

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FDA Commissioner Called to Step Down

Members of anti-addiction groups are calling for FDA Commission, Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg to step down from her position. They say that the FDA’s policies are to blame for the large amount of prescription painkiller abuse. These anti-addiction groups have been attacking the commission since last October when they approved a new painkiller, Zohydro, against medical recommendations.

The groups released a joint letter stating they are frustrated that the FDA keeps approving dangerous and powerful opioids that are fueling overdoses. The groups in this letter include Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing, which has 900 members and previously petitioned the FDA to restrict opioid use.

Hamburg is defending the drug Zohydro, claiming that it filled an necessary niche and that it was safer than a combination of other drugs. However, many attorney generals in other states are petitioning to ban the drug because addicts are crushing and snorting them.

The FDA is declining to comment on the letter.