Fake Xanax Pills Circulating

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Fake Xanax Pills Circulating

Police in 21 states have found fake Xanax pills that could possibly cause an overdose. The pills are being made with a mixture of fentanyl and other drugs and are created on a pill press. The fake pills actually have the word ‘Xanax’ written on them, making them appear real.

Drug dealers are circulating this fake drug across the country. They are selling them as the real Xanax, which is the most commonly prescribed abused prescription medication in the United States. It is often prescribed for generalized anxiety disorders and insomnia. It is more potent than many other addictive drugs and causes 124,900 thousand emergency room visits per year.

The fake Xanax being sold is much more dangerous because it contains fentanyl. Xanax, the real pills or fake pills, go by street names such as blue footballs, benzos, handlebars and zannies. Law enforcement wants the public to be aware and cautious of these pills.