Are E-Cigarettes the New Gateway Drug?

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Are E-Cigarettes the New Gateway Drug?

When you hear ‘gateway drug,’ you typically think of marijuana. That is what is taught to us at a very young age. Educators preach not to start smoking marijuana, and if you do, it will lead to other drugs. This is true. But these same educators leave out another very addictive substance that is popular among teens and young adults, tobacco products.

Not long ago, we posted a blog about tobacco product usage use in children and teens, specifically e-cigarettes. We pointed out that the number of teens that smoke tobacco through e-cigarettes is steadily rising. This number is only predicted to continue rising due to advertisements of e-cigarettes and the social aspect of this activity.

Research is starting to show that those who use e-cigarettes are more likely to use marijuana. So now these researchers are coming to the conclusion that e-cigarettes, or even normal cigarettes, are by extension a gateway drug.

Some say this is far-fetched, but it does make sense. One drug can lead to another, and another, until it gets out of hand. Avoid this all by abstaining from smoking any tobacco products or doing any types of drugs.