Drama Therapy in Addiction Recovery

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Drama Therapy in Addiction Recovery

For some in addiction recovery, their go-to therapy is journaling. For others, it is art or music. But now, a not so new therapy is catching people’s attention for its fun and therapeutic nature. This is drama therapy.

Defined by New York University, Drama therapy is the “intentional use of theater techniques to facilitate personal growth and promote health.” It is used to treat individuals with not only addiction and other mental health disorders, but also those with cognitive and developmental disorders.

Similar to art or music therapy, drama therapy hones individuals’ creative abilities and helps develop problem solving skills. For example, while performing an improv scene, an individual can express their emotions and possibly solve problems that arise in the scene quickly. Role playing is often used in drama therapy. This in particular helps people react to and understand negative behavior in an improved way. Drama therapy also allows individuals to gain the confidence to express themselves.