Benefits of Gender-Specific Rehab

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Benefits of Gender-Specific Rehab

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to addiction treatment, especially when you take into account the differences between men and women. In general, males and females tend to develop, experience and recover from substance use disorders differently – and that’s why more rehabs are adding gender-specific addiction treatment to their short- and long-term rehab offerings. Here’s a look at some of the many benefits:

  • You’ll focus on gender-specific issues. Men and women often turn to drugs and alcohol for different reasons and they also have different treatment roadblocks and triggers. So it makes sense that when individual men and women come into treatment, their experience there should be different, too. For example, a history of sexual or physical trauma is more common among females than males. And men have been found to battle with anger or aggression more often than women.
  • You’ll feel more comfortable. An important part of recovery is being able to be honest with yourself and others about your recovery goals, fears and more. A gender-specific environment may make this easier and allow you to feel less self-conscious and more free to share intimate information with your recovery peers.
  • You’ll have fewer distractions. Keeping men and women apart helps to eliminate any romantic or sexual possibilities. After all, romantic relationships are nearly universally discouraged during the first year or so of recovery, during which time the focus should be on you and getting well.

Gender-Specific Care
The Seabrook ® Model® of treatment includes gender-specific therapy with a special emphasis on relapse prevention and family intervention services. To learn more, call today: 856-455-7575.