Babysitter Murders Infant During Heroin Withdrawal

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Babysitter Murders Infant During Heroin Withdrawal

A Babysitter in Norristown suffocated an infant to death while suffering from the effects of heroin withdrawal. The babysitter is an admitted heroin user and stated that she was going through heroin withdrawal and was not fit to be watching the child. While babysitting she admitted that the 5-month old began to cry, and she then tried to give the child alcohol to sedate him. She went on to explain that when the alcohol failed, she suffocated the infant.

The 19-year-old babysitter was convicted by a jury of third-degree and was sentenced to 10-to-20 years in prison. She admitted to having a heroin addiction that had led to 17 arrests and 13 convictions for crimes including retail theft and forgery related to her drug use.

It seems that this case, as extreme as it may seem is not an isolated incident. Addicts are overdosing at an alarming rate and crime is on the rise everywhere. Police and prosecutors say too often heroin addicts turn to crime to get money to obtain their next fix or become involved in crimes because they’re high on the drug.

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