Alcohol is More Dangerous

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Alcohol is More Dangerous

Alcohol plays a powerful role in our cultural and research has proven that it is more dangerous and destructive than heroin and cocaine. Alcohol is also the number one factor in most violent crime.

The book “Alcohol and Violence: The Nature of the Relationship and the Promise of Prevention” suggests that created laws to reduce alcohol use would also reduce community violence. The authors cited examples in the nation where limiting the number of liquor stores in a neighborhood, banning the sale of 40-ounce containers of beer, or banning the sale of alcohol entirely reduced violent crime.

Most scholars agree that the consumption of alcohol in America is a common precursor to a variety of aggressive acts, including assault, homicide, rape and suicide, but most efforts to prevent violence in the United States have been largely unsuccessful. Those that have a problem with alcohol should seek treatment before they harm themselves or others.

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