Alcohol-Dependent Hospital Patients Have a Higher Mortality Rate

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Alcohol-Dependent Hospital Patients Have a Higher Mortality Rate

A study published in European Psychiatry reports that hospital patients that are alcohol-dependent have a higher mortality rate than other non-dependent hospital patients. Furthermore, the dependent patients die an average of 7.6 years earlier. These findings come from a long-term study of patient data from hospitals in Machester, England. the researchers analyzed data from over 23,000 hospital patients with alcohol dependence and a control group of 233,000 hospital patients without alcohol dependence.

The earlier death is not necessarily just due to the alcoholism. It is a combination of other illnesses as well. Almost 30 illnesses frequently occur alongside of alcoholism. Some of the illnesses involve the liver, GI tract, nervous system and the pancreas. However, a lot of these problems are caused by the alcoholism. It is a vicious cycle with alcoholism at the root of the problem.

This is yet another study that proves alcoholism needs to be recognized early so the patient can be helped. Treating it as it begins will lower these death rates and prevent other diseases from developing.

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