Clean and Sober, A Second Chance at Life

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Clean and Sober, A Second Chance at Life

Blog by: Alumni Relations Specialist

The old saying “A leopard can’t change its spots,” does not always hold true for alcoholics and addicts. Many of us become clean and sober and completely turn our lives around. A person can become unrecognizable when compared to the former person they were in the midst of their addiction.

When we walk away from drugs and alcohol we are given a fresh start. This means we can rebuild our lives and find success. It will never be possible to get back those years that were lost in addiction, but we can make the best of the years to come. As long as we don’t pick up, we can ensure ourselves of a better future. We also need to put in the work, step work, meetings, and stay plugged in. By doing this we have a better chance of being able to deal with whatever life brings.

So the wonderful thing about staying clean and sober is that we get a second chance at life.