4 Ways to Have a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

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4 Ways to Have a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

sober st. patty's dayDid you know that pubs were traditionally closed on St. Patrick’s Day and, instead, the Irish went to church to celebrate their culture? The point is that you can still celebrate your Irish American heritage this holiday and maintain your sobriety.

Get inspired by these four fun and sober ideas and then get creative and think up a few on your own:

Check out a Sober St. Patrick’s Day® event. The organization was created by award-winning theater and television producer, William Spencer Reilly, who almost lost a member of his family to addiction in 2004. He first proposed the idea to leaders in the recovery and Irish American communities, a pitch that led, a year later, to the 2012 inaugural party. Now an annual event, Sober St. Patrick’s Day® is held on parade day in New York City and continues to grow throughout the world.

Get cooking. Corned beef and cabbage, potato soup and potato cakes, Irish soda bread – there’s a ton of traditional Irish fare that you can cook up as part of your sober celebration. Invite over some friends and feast on the food while playing bored games.

Exercise your green thumb. Head to your local garden center and pick up some shamrock seeds. You can start them in pots on your windowsill and then transplant the plants outdoor once spring has sprung.

Make your own lucky tradition. You can check out traditional Irish dancers at a local festival or plan a trip to visit a landmark of Irish-American significance, like Boston’s Fenway Park, for example. There are more than 300 of these landmarks in 46 U.S. states.

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