Multiple Molly Overdoses At Wesleyan University

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Multiple Molly Overdoses At Wesleyan University

Last weekend, 12 Wesleyan University students were rushed to the hospital due to drug overdoses. All 12 students tested positive for the party drug Molly, a dangerous mix of MDMA and other synthetic drugs. As stated in a previous blog post, Molly has been gaining popularity in the past few years. There is more of a demand for the drug, and therefore people are mixing multiple forms of it to make more of the product, which makes it even more dangerous.

Four students at Wesleyan University in Connecticut were arrested on drug charges after the overdoses. Some of the charges included: illegal obtaining and supplying of drugs, sale of a hallucinogen, possession of hallucinogen, possession of paraphernalia, etc. Their lawyers are claiming they are innocent and ask the public not to judge them until all the facts are out.

Wesleyan University has strict rules on drug and alcohol use. They have all been suspended from the University.

The hospitalized students’ condition has improved throughout the week.