Lindsay Lohan Struggles in Treatment

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Lindsay Lohan Struggles in Treatment

Addiction has it hands wrapped firmly on the “Mean Girls” actress. With multiple trips to rehab, some even court ordered, Lohan is once again showing signs that she is not ready to live a sober life.

The troubled star seems determined to leave The Betty Ford Center after doctors cut her off from her Adderall. The doctors at Betty Ford believe that there are plenty of substitute medications for ADHD that are less addictive and they do not usually prescribe the drug to people over the age of 15, as it is known to be misused as a weight loss substance.

Lohan researched other facilities and found one on the west coast which she believes is suitable to complete her 90 days. The “Liz and Dick” star is saying she believes Betty Ford is “old school” and is not sensitive to the problems of young people, but many of her critics feel this is just another excuse to try to remain on the medication.

Prosecutors say they will not approve any move. They reported that the star had 45 days to find a suitable place and that changing now is not going to be permitted. If she leaved rehab she will be sent directly to prison.
Her fans took to Twitter to urge her to stay in treatment and try to find the desire to not use anymore.
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