Jello Shot Users More Likely to Drink Heavily

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Jello Shot Users More Likely to Drink Heavily

Jello shots, which are jello mixed with hard liquor in a small shot glass, are a standard at both high school and college drinking parties. These shots are marketed as not tasting like alcohol; therefore they are more appealing to younger drinkers. However, when underage youths consume these jello shots, they are more likely to binge drink or get involved in a physical fight, according to a study published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse.

The study, led by researchers at Boston University School of Public Health, analyzed the drinking habits of a national sample of 1,031 youths between the ages of 13 and 20. Each participant was asked about their consumption of jello shots within the last 30 days. It was found that 20.4 percent had consumed jello shots.

Those who consumed jello shots were more likely to drink heavily than those not consuming the shots. These jello shot users drank 2.2 more days per week than average, and when they drank they consumed a higher amount of alcohol than non jello shot users. Specifically, the average amount of drinks per month for jello shot consumers was 30.9, but for non consumers it was 18.8

The study also finds that drinking these shots may lead to physical altercations. 18.7 percent of users were involved in a physical fight while drinking the shots, but only 9.5 were involved in a fight while not drinking the shots.

It was not found what specific brands were used in these shots, or if the type of alcohol influenced these results.